Red Sea Immersive Unveils a VR Program for Storytelling Experiences with Art Jameel
VR Program for Storytelling Experiences with Art Jameel

Red Sea Immersive Unveils a VR Program for Storytelling Experiences with Art Jameel

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The exciting programming strand of the Red Sea International Film Festival, Red Sea Immersive, unveiled a 21-strong program of virtual reality experiences in collaboration with Art Jameel. The program will run from December 7th to 15th at Jeddah’s new creative complex, Hayy Jameel.

The program aims to introduce immersive storytelling experiences to audiences in Jeddah and inspire future immersive content creators and studios in the region.

Thirteen most significant VR experiences created in 2021 will be showcased competing for the Golden Yusr Immersive Award, while the rest eight will participate apart from the competition. The award also includes a cash prize of $10,000.

An all-female jury of three leading international artists will preside over the event. It includes the pioneering American artist Laurie Anderson, British Academy of Film and Television Arts-winning director Victoria Mapplebeck, and Sarah Mohanna Al-Abdali, one of the first Saudi Arabian street artists.

“There is something truly special about the experiences in Red Sea Immersive,” said Edouard Waintrop, Artistic Director for the Red Sea International Film Festival.

“It is an art that is so complimentary of the main festival program but also stands independently as a ground-breaking and boundary-pushing selection of work. It is an honor to be able to host this curation, and we are excited to see the lasting impact that Red Sea Immersive has on the Saudi art, film, and technology industries.”

Liz Rosenthal, the Curator of Red Sea Immersive, said, “The selection in Red Sea Immersive is truly one of the most exciting presentations of virtual experiences to have graced the festival circuit to date. To have this presentation in such a dynamic new venue such as the Hayy Jameel, and in Saudi Arabia, where there is such a burgeoning, young art scene, is such an exciting frontier for this genre of work. I am also excited to see the impact this has on the wider VR industry, especially in the Arab region.”

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