Ready Player Me Will Let You Create Your Own ‘VRChat’ Avatar In Minutes

Ready Player Me Will Let You Create Your Own ‘VRChat’ Avatar In Minutes

Picking an avatar for yourself on VRChat is an extremely cumbersome task. Along with its extensive library of original characters, the popular VR social platform has also got a rapidly-expanding catalog of user-created avatars.

Until now, creating a unique avatar for yourself used to be a complicated process including designing your own 3D model, rigging it for animation, and importing your creation into the 3D game engine Unity. It mandated for you to possess a certain bit of knowledge about using 3D modeling software.

However, Ready Player Me is a free-to-use 3D avatar creator by Wolf3D that will enable you to design your digital representation swiftly and easily without meddling with any complex software.

All it requires you to do is click a selfie and wait for the platform to automatically put forth a custom 3D avatar, post which, you’re free to make your own adjustments to the character with a range of hairstyles, skin tones, facial features, clothing options, and other customizable attributes.

The platform recently announced official support for VRChat. This will allow you to export your custom 3D avatar directly to the social VR platform. Moreover, the Ready Player Me platform also supports LIV, Mozilla Hubs, and MeetinVR.

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