Pixoul Gaming, Abu Dhabi’s Massive Esports and VR Gaming Hub to Open Soon

Pixoul Gaming, Abu Dhabi’s Massive Esports and VR Gaming Hub to Open Soon

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The esports and virtual reality gaming complex at Al Qana in Abu Dhabi, Pixoul Gaming, is gearing up for an opening in the upcoming months.

“The venue is almost complete, and we’ll be ready to welcome gamers by Q4 of 2022,” said Paul Hamilton, the General Manager of the space.

The hub at Al Qana is a 2.4-kilometer waterfront destination that aims to bring gamers to the capital through its diverse offerings for all players.

Casual gamers can play on consoles. More serious enthusiasts can sign up in the region’s first certified Esports Academy or take advantage of the broadcasting studio, where they can live stream using cutting-edge technology.

Pixoul Gaming aims to offer a novel world of digital amusement and present Abu Dhabi as a global leader in the esports and digital entertainment arena. Pixoul also intends to host international tournaments, provide educational programs, and support the growth of the gaming community.

In collaboration with Robocom VR, Pixoul Planet VR will feature ten virtual and augmented reality games, including first-person shooters, roller coasters, paragliding, and escape rooms. They will be between six and ten minutes long and feature an open-world cross-platform metaverse with fully wireless headsets. Unlike other VR games, there won’t be extra cables or bulky backpacks to carry.

Coaches will be able to train both teams and individual players at the first Esports Academy in the Middle East, providing advice on how to advance their abilities. Champion professional players will also be invited to hold one-on-one training sessions with students.

Retro gaming will have its section. Additionally, there will be a special esports bar where guests can watch international gaming competitions while eating and drinking. Big screens, bean bag chairs, and a variety of gaming consoles will be available in the area.

A section of the hub will have top-notch technology to facilitate streaming. The area will be accessible to amateur and expert gamers looking to improve their live streaming.

The Abu Dhabi venue aspires to become the premier choice for gaming events in the region. 78-square-meter LED screens will be installed in a special venue for esports events with a VIP lounge for those who want to watch the action up close.

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