Panasonic showcases improved VR Glasses at the CES 2021
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Panasonic showcases improved VR Glasses at the CES 2021

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At this year’s CES 2021, Panasonic showcased their latest and upgraded version of their sleek virtual reality glasses. These VR glasses come with some notable intriguing specifications and the addition of the new optical 6DOF tracking.

According to AVWatch, a Japanese publication got the chance to try these glasses. Even though there is no onboard power or computing, the glasses can connect to either PCs or 5G Android smartphones through USB-C cable. The VR glasses also work with SteamVR.

AVWatch has also mentioned that the glasses have dual 2,560 × 2,560 micro OLEDs with 2,245ppi pixel density. The fitted micro OLED panels support both 120Hz and HDR. These virtual reality glasses also have pancake optics, which reduce the device’s overall bulk and weight.

The glasses also have integrated audio instead of the dangling earbuds.

The virtual reality glasses also include both a diopter adjustment mechanism and interpupilary distance (IPD) adjustment to support near-sighted users.

Panasonic is yet to comment on the price of the VR glasses.

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