Loco Dojo VR Tournament showcases the fun side of Indie Game
Loco Dojo VR Tournament

Loco Dojo VR Tournament showcases the fun side of Indie Game

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Tournaments are the best way to unite members of the virtual reality community, and it is great to see those who are in lesser-publicized games as sometimes people might discover a hidden gem like the Loco Dojo from Make Real.

Loco Dojo is created a sort of like a board game, where players take turns spinning the dice wheel to advance the counter around the game board by using little animated stations. Depending on where a player lands, they will win a prize or be launched into one of the sixteen mini-games requiring players to move eggs safely from the henhouse to a cooking pan, milk pigs, grab fish with claw hands, and put them in a boat, etc.

In the Loco VR Tournament, 4 competitors will be in each bracket, and each bracket will possess its own dojo. The top 2 competitors from each dojo will move to the next bracket. This will go on until the finals. The winner will have bragging rights as the first Loco Dojo VR Tournament champion and receive prizes from Oxygen Esports.

Oxygen Esports is a desktop esports company that is moving into VR. While the tournament is not being raised by the developers, the Make Real team has supported the Loco Dojo community.

The game is easy to set up. Once a player has purchased and installed the game, they can customize the avatar. If there are no other players, users can go solo mode.

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