Gravity Sketch is offering their VR CAD application for free

Gravity Sketch is offering their VR CAD application for free

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Gravity Sketch, a virtual reality CAD modeling app for the design industry, has recently announced that the company is shifting from a paid application to a free application on the Stream and Oculus (Rift and Quest) stores. The company took this decision based on healthy growth in the app’s usage during the ongoing pandemic.

Last July, Gravity Sketch launched its collaborative feature, which was codenamed Co-Creation. It enabled many teams to work on projects together, making edits, proposing new ideas, and leaving feedback within the same project, which would get synchronized with the new corrections and changes in real-time. The Co-Creation feature was launched within the Landing Pad.

Last November, Gravity Sketch stated that the company had raised $3.7 million in seed funding. This seed funding is expected to help the application perform its mission, which is to help creatives work efficiently with digital media. 

According to the company, the application will be available for free from January 25 onwards on all platforms for individual users, but it will still be charged to business users. The VR-CAD application will even support IGES and FBX model, which will enable further democratization of digital 3D design by removing all barriers for creative users getting involved.

The company is also running an iPad 3D modeling application project that is in the beta stage at the moment. The current transformation to the free business model will help bring more budding designers and businesses into the fold, enabling them to apply the same 3D modeling and visualization which is being used by some of the top leading companies, like Nissan, Reebok, Ford, etc.

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