Masterpiece Studio Launches the Complete VR 3D Creative Suite ‘Masterpiece Studio Pro’
Masterpiece Studio Pro

Masterpiece Studio Launches the Complete VR 3D Creative Suite ‘Masterpiece Studio Pro’

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To enable creative professionals without 3D modeling experience to create usable 3D content for animation, gaming, and more, Masterpiece Studio has launched Masterpiece Studio Pro, a complete virtual reality (VR) 3D creative suite.

“VR has shown promise in revolutionizing 3D content creation by making it fast, easy, and enjoyable, but this was never fully realized because there were always missing gaps in the pipeline,” said Jonathan Gagne, CEO at Masterpiece Studio. “Masterpiece Studio Pro is an industry milestone that uses VR and machine learning to remove the missing gaps to create production-ready 3D assets.”

Conventional technologies prevent the creators from using the 3D content created using VR tools in the real world without spending additional time cleaning it up in multiple desktop programs, which the company aims to change with the new product.

“One thing that Masterpiece Studio Pro has done for me as an independent artist and creative is opened up the potential to create things that I could not have ever made or had the resources or time to create,” said Dylan Sisson, Digital Artist at Pixar Animation Studios. “Just by being able to take my 2D skillset, directly apply it in 3D, and then take those 3D assets to do something like 3D print is such a fluid and immediate process.”

The Masterpiece Studio Pro now streamlines 3D for creatives by simplifying mesh optimization, Auto UV, retopology, and texture painting as a result of the innovation of rigging and skinning for VR with the company’s Masterpiece Motion platform.

“VR content creation is a whole new way of creating CG animation to keep up with audience demand and not sacrifice quality,” stated Tom Box, Co-founder, Blue Zoo Animation. “Discovering tools like Masterpiece Studio Pro and seeing how they can be combined to create powerful new workflows has shown us that breaking free of the traditional 2D input and output devices … can vastly speed up the creative process both in the speed of team communication and speed of which ideas can be explored and developed.”

The new creative suite comprises all the existing features and creation tools of the original, MasterpieceVR and Motion apps, along with the layers, retopology tools for making models production-ready, auto UV, texture painting, and blending shapes for creating facial animations.

Masterpiece Studio Pro is compatible with HTC, Oculus, Valve, and Window Mix Reality headsets.

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