Euthanasia capsule allows people to experience their own death in VR

Euthanasia capsule allows people to experience their own death in VR

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An inventor Dr. Philip Nitschke created a ‘suicide machine’ and opened it up to the public to allow them to take a VR look at how their own death could play out.

Nicknamed Dr. Death, he launched the suicide assisting machine named Sarco at the Funeral Fair in Amsterdam in 2018.

According to the Sarco website, the notion for the 3D-printed euthanasia machine is that of a ‘case that results in a rapid decrease in oxygen level, while keeping a low CO2 level. 

“A Sarco death is painless. There’s no suffocation, choking sensation or’ air hunger’ as the user breathes easily in a low-oxygen environment. The sensation is one of well-being and intoxication.” – Dr. Nitschke, writing in the Huffington Post in 2018. 

While the ideas for the Sarco are to produce a fully functioning euthanasia enclosure that can also be used as a coffin. The one being displayed in Amsterdam was an ‘art installation’ designed to give people a prospect to view how the Sarco-assisted death would function through VR.

Dr. Nitschke has spent 20+ years working in this area and has earlier developed the Deliverance Machine, which was used by 4 patients who were terminally ill in 1996 during Australia’s Rights of the Terminally Ill Act.

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