Atmos VR to launch post-COVID public virtual reality game venue in the UK
Atmos VR

Atmos VR to launch post-COVID public virtual reality game venue in the UK

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Atmos VR has stated that it is planning to open a new multiplayer interactive game that has been developed for post-COVID game fans and will provide limited numbers of players across the one-hour shows in a socially-distanced manner.

The venue will be in the West Midlands and will be the first of eight planned to be started across the UK in the next few years. The West Midlands venue will give free-roaming 4D experiences to players with senses enhanced on every level. It will include the ability to feel things around players, moving floors, pick up and touch virtual objects, etc.

“Atmos VR aims to bring creative content to life using the latest immersive technology, constantly evolving VR and beyond and pushing the experiential boundaries of immersive experiences. According to a recent study3, three-quarters (76%) of immersive entertainment companies successfully have attendance up to 10,000 per year, meaning we can provide immersive experiences aimed at smaller audiences who are already seeking a more personal setting.” – Kevin Blair, Founder.

“As part of the Fund’s focus on media investments for a post-COVID world, bringing back live events is very much on its agenda, and free-roaming VR provides a genuine antidote to the reasonable lingering fears people may have of being part of an uncontrolled large audience crowd. Atmos VR has developed a cutting-edge proposition with plenty of hooks for repeat visits – with the Fund’s support; we believe it can be scaled for a UK-wide rollout and international franchise opportunities.” – Bob Clarke, CEO, Samahoma Media Advisors.

There are about five million people living in the West Midlands, offering a focused audience during the COVID restrictions. Contracts have been finalized for a warehouse at the Custard Factory for the venue. Once the first location-based entertainment venue has been set, Atmos VR will look to expand across the UK with locations in Yorkshire, Tyne & Wear, Merseyside, Cardiff, and Glasgow.

Atmos VR is all set to join the largest regional technology and digital cluster outside of London. West Midlands is home to around 66,000 people employed across about 12,000 technology and digital companies. The economy of the West Midlands Region is worth more than £141 billion. Also, spending in the entertainment area was around £10 billion in the UK in 2018, on which Atmos VR is riding.

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