XRHealth and HTC Introduce a New VR-powered Distraction Therapy Platform

XRHealth and HTC Introduce a New VR-powered Distraction Therapy Platform

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The leading healthcare metaverse platform, XRHealth, has launched a new distraction therapy virtual reality platform in partnership with HTC VIVE to enhance the patient experience during painful or anxiety-inducing medical procedures.

The new system combines HTC’s VIVE Flow glasses with the XRHealth software. It is designed to distract patients and alleviate pain and anxiety during complex medical procedures like chemotherapy, surgery, MRIs, and insulin injections, as well as the painful process of giving birth and burn injuries, among many others.

Through guided meditation and other activities, virtual reality distraction therapy takes patients into a virtual world and gives them the encouragement they need to manage their pain and anxiety effectively.

Recent research from the XRHealth platform, published in PLOS One, showed that virtual reality therapy might be a valuable adjunct to anesthesia for surgical procedures. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center physicians performed the trials using immersive virtual reality software with XRHealth.

The study found that using virtual reality therapy to divert the patient’s attention from the procedure while maintaining the patient’s experience lowered the risk of oversedation.

“Distraction therapy enables the patient to have a positive experience during painful medical procedures without being over-sedated with extraneous medication that sometimes creates a longer recovery process,” said Eran Orr, Chief Executive Officer of XRHealth.

Patients can use the glasses for various medical procedures with comfort and ease thanks to the VIVE Flow form factor’s lightweight portability. The XRHealth software enables medical professionals to observe patients and see what they are going through without interfering with their immersive digital experience. The distraction therapy system offers simple hospital and clinic integration and hassle-free patient setup.

“Paired with XR Health’s groundbreaking platform, we’re on the cusp of a new era of effective and convenient VR treatments that offer support for patients to manage pain, anxiety, and more,” said Cher Wang, Co-Founder and Chairwoman at HTC.

The FDA and CE-registered XRHealth software is used in hospitals worldwide, including Sheba Medical Center, the VA St. Louis Healthcare System, and several more. The software can monitor patients during procedures, allowing clinicians to control, observe, and receive real-time data updates.

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