MediView and GE Healthcare Partner to Introduce AR Solutions for Medical Imaging

MediView and GE Healthcare Partner to Introduce AR Solutions for Medical Imaging

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The leading global medical technology innovator, GE Healthcare, has partnered with the pioneering clinical augmented reality med-tech company, MediView XR, to combine medical imaging with mixed reality solutions through the OmnifyXR™ Interventional Suite System.

The current technology platform for MediView combines medical imaging with augmented reality visualization, seamless remote collaboration, and evidence-based therapeutic insights. It does this by leveraging spatial computing and mixed reality.

“We are thrilled to advance our strategic collaboration with GE Healthcare by co-developing and creating the interventional suite of the future – one designed to improve ergonomics, with natural interactions for optimized workflow and facilitates care team collaboration,” said Mina Fahim, President and CEO of MediView.

MediView’s expertise in 3D augmented reality medical visualization, telecollaboration capabilities, surgical navigation, and procedural data insights, combined with GE Healthcare’s outstanding digital infrastructure, interventional imaging technologies, data analytics, and clinical decision support capabilities can significantly improve and streamline clinical decision making.

“Together, we can help clinicians use image guidance technologies to their full potential to help in the delivery of high-quality patient care,” said Arnaud Marie, General Manager for Global Interventional at GE Healthcare.

Clinicians who use medical imaging are increasingly focusing on streamlining and improving clinical workflows and ergonomics. Utilizing Microsoft’s most recent HoloLens technology, the OmnifyXR solution offers a heads-up, augmented reality display of interventional x-ray imaging systems.

It incorporates multiple holographic displays of real-time imaging to help with ergonomics regardless of the user’s position. It features 3D volume for improved visualization of the human body to aid clinicians in evaluating complex anatomies and guiding clinical decisions. It also has remote collaboration capabilities, allowing clinicians to work together, train, supervise, and promote collaborative care.

The two companies will co-market the solution and explore further avenues for joint go-to-market initiatives. The solution will initially launch in the US, with global expansion planned for the future.

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