and Stability AI Partner for AI-powered 3D Avatar Generation, Animation Tool and Stability AI Partner for AI-powered 3D Avatar Generation, Animation Tool

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Stability AI, a provider of open-source artificial intelligence (AI) tools, and, a provider of developer tools powered by AI, have recently confirmed an AI animation alliance to launch an AI animation tool that allows users to create animated avatars and interactive 3D characters.

Users can enter a text phrase as a prompt in Krikey’s AI-powered “Text to Animation” tool to create avatar animations quickly. Then, users can export a video file or fbx file to their preferred 3D game engine, video editing program, or social media platform. Users of Krikey’s tool can also generate an AI animation for their 3D avatar and customize their avatar. More avatar customization features will be released this quarter, according to Krikey, which introduced the AI Animation tool on its website.

The company claims that generally, it can take more than five business days to create these kinds of animations, but with Krikey’s AI tool, it only takes a few minutes. Animations are suitable for mobile devices and can be used right away in augmented reality (AR) experiences.

By democratizing the content creation process, Krikey believes that its AI-to-AR pipeline will empower creators and developers. However, because the AI platform cannot give characters emotions, the company claims that the position of artists and animators in the production pipeline will remain the same. Krikey’s solution assists in streamlining these roles’ workflows instead of replacing them.

Users can experiment with a variety of basic motion prompts, such as variations of “walk,” “run,” “jump,” “wave,” “climb,” and more, using Krikey’s AI tools. But more difficult prompts, like “moonwalk,” “zombie march,” and “tai chi,” can also produce exciting outcomes. The company has also developed a quick guide to better inform users on how to enter and experiment with AI Animation.

The platform’s animation tool enables users to alter the camera angle, add or remove shadows and backgrounds, change the animation speed, and customize their avatar before exporting to share with friends after an animation has been generated based on a prompt. Users can view the generated animations in their account’s dashboard.

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