vTime partners with the Chinese Conglomerate Sinobo Group to Create the ‘GTVerse’

vTime partners with the Chinese Conglomerate Sinobo Group to Create the ‘GTVerse’

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Liverpool-based virtual reality company vTime is looking to showcase its metaverse-ready technology ‘GTVerse’ in partnership with the Chinese conglomerate Sinobo Group.

The two entities unveiled the Gongti Metaverse (GTVerse), a metaverse platform inspired by the new Beijing Workers’ Stadium and the Beijing Guoan Football Club fans.

GTVerse aims to amalgamate virtual and real experiences for the fans of the football club centered around the upcoming stadium. The metaverse will deliver immersive match experiences, concerts, and esports events and even offer innovative retail opportunities.

The cross-reality platform leverages new-age technologies such as 5G, hybrid cloud computing, augmented reality, and virtual reality to offer fans and visitors new ways to connect with the football club.

The launch event for the platform in Beijing was attended by several notable scholars, technology experts, industry leaders, and global enterprises who got a glimpse of the GTVerse prototype. The two partners have also released a whitepaper detailing the many aspects of the metaverse platform.

“The Metaverse is not only a concept. The difference between GTVerse and other metaverse projects is that it is based on the real Beijing Workers’ Stadium,” said Zhou Jinhui, the Chairman of Sinobo Group.

Founded in 2013, vTime is a seasoned virtual reality solutions provider building technology to enable people to share experiences through their smartphones.

The company has invested heavily in the research and development of new technologies and has created a comprehensive suite of metaverse-ready tools. It is building a successor to vTime XR, its first cross-reality social network that enables anyone, anywhere, to socialize using augmented and virtual reality. The platform has users in over 190 countries and has had 1.3 million downloads since its launch in 2015.

vTime currently works with leading global brands in sport, health, and entertainment and helps them connect with their community and fans. The company had also secured a Series A funding of $7.6m in 2018 to accelerate technology development.

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