Unity, Meta Partner to Facilitate XR-powered Learning by Supporting Educational Institutions

Unity, Meta Partner to Facilitate XR-powered Learning by Supporting Educational Institutions

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The social media and metaverse tech giant Meta Immersive Learning division has announced a partnership with real-time 3D (RT3D) engine developer Unity to enhance XR-powered learning for students, schools, and content creators.

The partnership aims to accelerate the development of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality learning solutions and familiarize the tutors with the advantages of investing in immersive education.

“It’s more important than ever to connect young people with the skills needed for future jobs, as these help chart a clear path from learning to earning opportunities,” said Jessica Lindl, the Vice President of Social Impact at Unity.

The two companies will encourage and support creators to develop metaverse-based immersive learning experiences on Meta’s Horizon brand of applications – Worlds, Workrooms, and Venues. The creators and developers will receive financial and operational support from Meta’s Immersive Learning initiative.

Over the past year, Meta has raised over $1 billion for international schools. The company also provides free licenses, training, and resources to over 450,000 international students.

Unity and Meta have formalized two grants to provide educators with the resources to explore learning opportunities using XR technology.

Called the Create with VR Grant, the initiative will provide Meta Quest headsets to educational institutions. Successful applicants will begin receiving their headset packages starting July this year. The grant is open to US schools and non-profit establishments for students aged 13 and older.

It also incorporates a ‘Create with VR for Educators’ learning opportunity to assist schools, teachers, and trainers across the globe in using VR in their classrooms through a free XR training course. The training will provide teachers with support, networking, and resources to facilitate VR education through live sessions and learning modules. 

The second initiative is the Higher Ed XR Innovation Grant which will provide institutions with the capital and developmental support required to develop programs to educate their students through XR or RT3D-based immersive learning tools. The grant will focus on innovative projects that aim to upskill the future workforce in the metaverse sector to broaden the global XR talent pool.

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