Mapstar Unveils New 3D-Mapping App to Blend Reality with the Metaverse
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Mapstar Unveils New 3D-Mapping App to Blend Reality with the Metaverse

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The map-based XR metaverse, Mapstar, has unveiled a new open beta for its application that enables users to anchor digital content to real-world environments. Founded in 2015, the company has developed technology that allows users to capture the world around them using their smartphones uniquely.

Users can add custom content on top of the real world and create a new digital version of reality. They can further develop, edit, own, and share extended reality maps and walk through the 3D worlds created by other users.

In 2024, it is expected that $72.8 billion will be spent globally on virtual reality and augmented reality. Hence, Mapstar aims to become a market leader in this quickly developing sector. The latest version of the app enables users to take pictures of their surroundings, and as they move around it, it builds a 3D mesh that serves as a virtual replica of the real world.

Spatial computing is one of the main obstacles to creating metaverses. Mapstar has developed a mobile application to address this issue. Users can deploy spatial computing to precisely anchor digital information over the physical world. Using augmented reality alone, one cannot firmly anchor digital data in the physical world.

Users can then use the world editor to alter, enhance, and annotate their maps. Senior company officials emphasize that almost any type of content may be added to the map, from placing an emoji in your backyard to adding a personalized voice message.

Additionally, users can upload their personalized 3D models and post them everywhere for other users to find them, encouraging both creativity and a sense of community.

Mapstar’s ability to share content opens the doors for several practical applications that the company expects will speed up the creative process in various industries. For instance, Mapstar’s software allows construction businesses to utilize it as a planning tool to create building schematics, reflecting the growing importance of architects in the metaverse.

Mapstar intends to take advantage of the fast-growing NFT industry in the future by enabling users to convert their developed assets into NFTs.

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