VR Pilot Training Provider VRM Switzerland Rebrands Itself to Loft Dynamics, Raises $20M
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VR Pilot Training Provider VRM Switzerland Rebrands Itself to Loft Dynamics, Raises $20M

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The developer of the first-of-its-kind virtual reality (VR) simulator authorized by a major aviation regulator, Loft Dynamics AG, recently rebranded itself and raised $20 million in funding. American technology investors Craft Ventures, Sky Dayton, and Up Ventures are leading the company’s first institutional funding round.

The funding will expedite Loft Dynamics’ expansion into foreign markets, especially the USA. The company’s rebranding from VRM Switzerland to Loft Dynamics positions it for worldwide growth when the pilot shortage has reached crisis proportions and the need to lessen air pollution has never been more pressing.

“After many years in development, we are ready to expand Loft Dynamics to become a global company and bring our technology and training solutions to the world,” stated Fabi Riesen, co-founder and CEO of Loft Dynamics.

Airbus Helicopters, Colorado Highland Helicopters, Air Zermatt, Meravo, Helitrans Norway, and Mountainflyers are among the clients Loft Dynamics serves. Governments, fleet operators, airlines, flight schools, and aircraft manufacturers are lining up for an improved pilot training solution.

The world has never had a greater need for trained pilots due to the decrease in pilots leaving the military and the widespread retirement of pilots during the pandemic. Pilot training from Loft Dynamics is significantly less expensive, incredibly realistic, highly effective, and non-polluting.

Training is safer thanks to Loft Dynamics, which replaces outdated flight simulators. Traditional full-motion flight simulators are pricey, enormous devices that are only accessible in a few training facilities that were built specifically to house them. Due to this, students are required to complete most of their training in actual aircraft, which is costly and unfeasible for most aspiring pilots.

Pilots can experience a highly realistic and engrossing flight with the help of Loft Dynamics’ simulators. They combine panoramic views of the aircraft’s interior and exterior with accurate perspectives, colors, shading, vibrations, better visual cues, and motion and sound effects that are noticeably more true to the real aircraft. The pilot, who is completely immersed, feels the proper loads and force feedback from the flight controls.

Pilots can train for real-world situations before they happen due to the Loft Dynamics training platform’s extraordinary flexibility, which traditional simulators cannot match for new modules.

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