MedisimVR Raises INR 3.5cr for Its VR Solutions for Healthcare
MedisimVR Pre-Series A funding

MedisimVR Raises INR 3.5cr for Its VR Solutions for Healthcare

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The medtech company developing VR solutions for healthcare, MedisimVR, has raised INR 3.5 crore or roughly $500K in a Pre-Series A funding round to scale its product offering and expand its content library.

The round was led by Inflection Point Ventures and also saw participation from Chennai Angels and Jana Balasubramaniam.

MediSimVR is developing solutions, such as procedural simulation, virtual patient simulation, and clinical education to make comprehensive medical training accessible and affordable for institutions and practitioners. The company has onboarded over 500 medical students over the past four months.

The pandemic has accelerated the development and adoption of healthcare-related technologies. MediSimVR is leveraging the need for extensive training in the healthcare space by providing a solution for realistic surgical training, virtual patients scenarios, and more applications in a safer, controlled environment. The company aims to upskill medical students and healthcare professionals at a remarkable pace to address the growing healthcare needs worldwide.

MediSimVR’s primary product is its virtual reality-based skill training platform. It incorporates all significant skills covered in the MBBS curriculum. A few other program features include performance analytics and evaluation metrics that enable users to better evaluate their learning patterns and competency.

“The future healthcare workforce of India needs a futuristic training methodology and an alignment among visionary entities for rapid scaling up. At MediSimVR, we are excited to partner with IPV as we embark on this journey of change,” said Sabarish Chandrasekaran, co-founder and CEO for MedisimVR.

The Global VR healthcare market is expected to expand rapidly from $3.8 billion currently to $30.40 billion by 2026. Therefore, there is immense potential in the industry. MediSimVR aims to capitalize on this by facilitating learning initiatives for medical students to help them develop and practice their skills in a safer and more effective environment.

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