Mawari Raises $6.5M to Accelerate 3D Content Delivery for the Metaverse

Mawari Raises $6.5M to Accelerate 3D Content Delivery for the Metaverse

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The AR-focused streaming SDK that renders 3D content in the cloud and delivers it efficiently to devices, Mawari, has raised $6.5 million to facilitate faster 3D content delivery for digital assets for the metaverse.

According to the company, Blockchange Ventures and Decasonic led the oversubscribed round, which included investments from Abies Ventures, Accord Ventures, Anfield, Outlier Ventures, Primal Capital, and other investors.

“We are excited to have achieved this major milestone with such a prestigious group of investors who share our mission and ambition to deliver the metaverse to everyone,” said Luis Oscar Ramirez Solorzano, CEO of Mawari.

The capital in the form of venture stock and digital assets will allow Mawari to increase its current R&D capacity and advance more quickly towards the introduction of the Mawari Network, a decentralized network for delivering 3D and XR content. Streaming and interactive real-time 3D rendering technology will fuel it, and partners in a decentralized network will assist.

As the metaverse develops, everything from online gaming to video streaming to mobile cloud services might lead to the mother of all clogged pipes. According to Ramirez Solorzano, the technical issue is comparable to streaming videos. Movies begin playing without requiring you to download them when you press “play” on Netflix. Building that kind of infrastructure took many years.

According to Ramirez Solorzano, speed, quality, and lightweight 3D content are the main obstacles that prevent XR and Metaverse apps from scaling and becoming widely used. The Mawari Network addresses these issues.

Its primary innovations include split-rendering algorithms and a patent-pending 3D streaming CODEC, which have gained widespread acclaim and much support from the investing community.

To eliminate the bottlenecks in delivering Metaverse content to mobile devices, is creating the Mawari Network, a Web3 initiative. It is powered by already-existing, unused processing and network resources and is a distributed, revenue-sharing, content delivery, and rendering network. It can scale and maintain service quality programmatically, thanks to blockchain technology.

Major industry giants, including Google, Microsoft, Meta, Apple, and Qualcomm, have all made significant investments in XR and metaverse solutions in addition to sponsoring content development, recognizing the necessity for such a platform.

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