HTX Labs Raises $3.2M to Expedite Growth of Its EMPACT Platform

HTX Labs Raises $3.2M to Expedite Growth of Its EMPACT Platform

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The EMPACT Immersive Learning Platform’s creator, HTX Labs, recently announced that it had secured $3.2M from Cypress Growth Capital, the company’s first outside funding.

HTX Labs claims that its objective is to accelerate the future of learning by building and developing the EMPACT platform to scale talent development, modernize training, and enhance resilience and agility across the Department of Defense and commercial enterprises.

Organizations can design, implement, measure, and sustain secure, centralized immersive training programs using the EMPACT software platform, all within exciting, fully interactive virtual environments. According to the company, the EMPACT platform’s features enable users to deliver critical training where it is most needed, giving students access to scaled-up instruction anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

The core value proposition of HTX is to offer end-to-end XR solution modules, including low/no-code content creation tools, advanced virtual models and simulations, robust data visualization and analytics capabilities, and seamless integration with existing computing systems, to workplaces to help them create and maintain their own immersive learning programs.

With support for tablets, laptops/desktops, standalone virtual reality (VR) headsets, and complete room-scale VR setups, EMPACT enables deployment at scale.

“We have been looking to secure outside capital to accelerate the growth of our EMPACT platform and customer base, but we hadn’t found the right partner who provided an investment vehicle that matched our needs,” said Scott Schneider, CEO & Co-Founder, HTX Labs.

HTX intends to use the funds to prioritize scale and growth. The company will also expand its staff to increase its current presence within the US Department of Defense. The company also aims to search for growth prospects in essential industries and sectors, like manufacturing, heavy industry, and higher education. The company will also use the money to increase client uptake to ensure that the EMPACT software and supporting teams are ready to handle the projected demand.

Increased use of EMPACT’s Developer (low-code) and Studio (no-code) immersive content authoring tools will help the company develop interactive virtual learning environments and immersive training courseware.

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