MUTEK Unveils Immersive Collection at Montréal Digital Arts Festival and Releases an XR study

MUTEK Unveils Immersive Collection at Montréal Digital Arts Festival and Releases an XR study

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The electronic music and digital arts festival, MUTEK, showcased an immersive collection as it entered the extended reality space as a content producer at MUTEK Festival in Montréal.

The Immersive Collection explores the conversion of the work of five artists who have previously performed at the festival with extended reality formats as a new genre of audiovisual XR works and is currently available on Steam as wishlist items. The three original XR projects include Entanglement, House of Moiré, and Immortelle.

Entanglement illustrates the idea of entanglement by condensing quantum physics theories into a sensory experience. The four theories that make up the piece are decoherence, the multiverse, the Copenhagen interpretation, and the fluidity of time. These intricate ideas are transformed into radiant tableaus under the direction of science, technology, and sensitivity to illustrate what cannot be seen.

House of Moiré welcomes users into a void-like world of transforming audiovisual concepts. The viewer moves through rooms decorated with optical patterns, audiovisual programming, and minimal spatial design in a self-guided exploration. This latest installment of Moiré explores psycho-acoustics and sensory illusion using, among other things, custom audio software and interactive design to produce a strange and inquisitive journey.

Immortelle is an atmospheric, figurative piece that explores the ups and downs of psychological fortitude. In addition to moving through various landscapes and seasons, the viewer navigates waves and mountain peaks and comes face to face with a presence in a void.

MUTEK released an independent XR Study in addition to the debut of its XR Artworks. The “Crafting a Market for Independent XR” report consults with producers, distributors, and curators from across the XR sector to share insights on the opportunities and challenges for XR content distribution, circulation, and discoverability.

MUTEK highlighted that the report is a collaborative initiative of Québec/Canada XR, in partnership with MUTEK, Québec, PHI, Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC), and Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal (RIDM).

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