SteamVR is launching its combat flight virtual reality game VTOL VR
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SteamVR is launching its combat flight virtual reality game VTOL VR

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VTOL VR is a flight game built for VR. It is not like other flight games that are developed for the monitor with virtual reality support coming later.

The flight stick in VTOL is just another cockpit factor gamers can communicate with using their virtual hands. While this is not a formal simulator, it allows a complete simulation of the fighter jet’s controls. It also provides Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) found in many real cockpits.

When a gamer presses the buttons on the bezel of a Multi-Function Displays, they can get a view of the GPS map, prime weapons such as missiles and bombs, slew the targeting pod, and manage the radar. According to Boundless Dynamics, the game’s developer, the kind of systems used in VTOL are almost realistic.

There are 3 aircraft that can be flown in VTOL. These include: –

  • “F/A-26 “Wasp”: This is based on the F-15 Eagle, even though it has the multirole carrier-capabilities that you would find in the F/A-18 Hornet.”
  • “AV-42C “Kestrel”: This is a fictional gunship platform with rotating jet nozzles, can do a vertical takeoff, and has a large cargo bay with several weapon mounts.”
  • “F-45A: An agile stealth fighter based on the F-35. Just like its real-world counterpart, it has a large singular touchscreen that contains four virtual MFDs in place of the physical MFD in the F-35.”

With early access for 3 years, there is plenty of content that users can play. Gamers can do a variety of things like landing on an aircraft carrier, going on several combat missions, or refueling from a mid-air tanker. It also stars a level editor that has 386 Steam Workshop uploads now.

VTOL is available for $24 until 10th, and after that, it will be priced at $30.

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