NexTech AR Secures C$250,000 Partnership with Ryerson University to launch AR Remote Learning platform
NexTech AR

NexTech AR Secures C$250,000 Partnership with Ryerson University to launch AR Remote Learning platform

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NexTech AR Solutions Corp recently announced Ryerson University had chosen its InfernoAR video conferencing platform as the basis for a new augmented (AR) reality remote education platform.

NexTech will support Ryerson with the launch of Ryerson Augmented Learning Experience (RALE) platform. The licensing deal is estimated to be C$250,000 with additional revenue opportunities from augmented reality services. This licensing deal carries an annual license fee for the Aritize white label app, a yearly license fee for the InfernoAR platform, and a fee per AR lab, with an opening build of twenty labs.

In future, NexTech expects to use the same business model to sign up more universities in Canada and the rest of the world.

The initial Ryerson Augmented Learning Experience (RALE) launch will focus on first-year physics, chemistry, and biology content, allowing 5,000 students to participate in augmented reality learning experiences.

In a statement, Ryerson Faculty of Science dean David Cruffy said:

“At Ryerson, we took the bold step of re-imagining a virtual lab,”

“With inputs from staff, students and faculty we designed and developed a completely collaborative environment that ensures an immersive and fun learning experience for our students. The incorporation of augmented reality into the STEM learning environment will change pedagogy forever.”

“A Ryerson student is a global citizen,” “What better way to transcend time and geography in today’s Covid-culture than with augmented reality holograms on the InfernoAR platform?” NexTech president Paul Duffy.

The Ryerson Augmented Learning Experience virtual labs will include real-time Zoom sessions with lab technicians and fellow student complemented with augmented reality lab exercises.

“We are thrilled to be working with such an esteemed university as Ryerson,” NextTech CEO Evan Gappelberg added. “Covid-19 has created a huge challenge for learning institutions globally especially with labs where student and subject matter interaction is so critical to learning. Our InfernoAR platform is well suited to solve this challenge by offering not only video learning but augmented reality for 3D volumetric object interactions.”

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