Fectar Launches AR App to Teach Ukrainian Children How to Recognise Landmines

Fectar Launches AR App to Teach Ukrainian Children How to Recognise Landmines

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An app that can teach Ukrainian kids to recognize landmines has been developed by Fectar, a Netherlands-based augmented and virtual reality metaverse creator platform.

The course is inspired by a question a soldier, Charles Valentine, had raised in the ‘Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)’ – “How can we help the Ukrainian people to demine their country if 30 percent of the ammunition fired has not exploded but is still there?”

Valentine analyzed the potential of Fectar’s AR/VR app and developed an interactive 3D course on mine detection as a potentially life-saving educational resource for children living in conflict areas.

This immersive augmented reality (AR) holographic course for explosives training, according to Fectar, is a first. The virtual mine safety course aims to reach at least 15,000 ambassadors.

The Ukrainian organization ‘Terra Pyra’ will teach the course all over Ukraine. In community centers and online training, residents and their kids will learn how to use augmented reality on their mobile devices. A whole augmented reality experience can be had on out-of-date devices with sluggish internet connections thanks to the free Fectar software.

The AR course will address the dangers of unexploded explosives. It shows 3D illustrations of various ammunition types. Students learn about what a mine looks like in reality and the risks of picking one up throughout the lesson. This AR technology significantly improves the learning process.

In contrast to VR, which immerses users in a wholly digital environment, augmented reality lets users see the real world while superimposing digital data and 3D representations of situations. Contact with users is possible thanks to a hologram of a Ukrainian instructor who keeps looking directly at the user. While in use, the software assesses the learning process, and training can be adjusted as necessary.

Fectar, which Eugène Kuipers founded in 2018, calls itself one of the fastest-growing metaverse creator platforms for augmented and virtual reality. Users can create interactive metaverse experiences using Fectar Studio and make them accessible from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

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