Avatour, the VR telepresence platform raises $2.9M in seed funding
VR telepresence platform

Avatour, the VR telepresence platform raises $2.9M in seed funding

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Avatour, the VR telepresence platform, has raised $2.9 million in seed funding, which Ulu Ventures led.

Avatour provides users with a low-cost 360-degree camera onsite to distribute video to up to 20 remote callers, who can then view it in immersive AR or VR. Avatour platform uses hardware and standard WiFi to keep expenses down.

Using Avatour’s platform, multiple remote guests can be brought onsite. For this, guests use a VR headset, which transports them virtually into the room. The host and guests interact in real-time in a 360-degree view.

“Businesses conducted over 2 billion site meetings in 2019, from inspections to facility tours to site-specific training. While travel has always been expensive and inconvenient, the pandemic has emphasized the need for a more efficient option. Our unique and easy-to-deploy solution makes effective remote site meetings possible for the first time.” – Devon Copley, CEO, and co-founder, Avatour.

Avatour’s customers include Thermo Fisher Scientific, Federal Aviation Administration, Kellogg’s, and Black & Veatch.

“Working with Avatour’s technology has transformed Black & Veatch’s ability to engage with infrastructure clients around the world in just a few clicks. Throughout the pandemic, our ability to provide a deeply immersive meeting experience — while remote — has been a game-changer, creating operational efficiencies and promoting collaboration between our clients and our professionals.” – Ryan Pletka, VP of innovation and strategy, Black & Veatch.

Avatour plans to use the fund to continue to develop its platform and scale its technology into new markets globally.

“With the increased demand for virtual solutions over the past year, we’ve proven our business model and technology. This latest infusion of support enables us to double down on a platform that’s already making a huge impact for our customers worldwide.” – Devon Copley.

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