How to Use Google Augmented Reality Animals
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How to Use Google Augmented Reality Animals

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In May 2019, Google announced that it would bring a neat feature to its search results. The feature in question was augmented reality models that allow users to get a 3D image of a search result. Afterward, the company released the feature to users with an ARCore or ARKit-ready iPhone or Android phone. Consequently, that allowed them to place an AR animal in their living room, bedroom, backyard, or anywhere else they desire.

For one to use the feature, it is just as simple as navigating to Google on a compatible device and search for an animal of choice in Google search. If the animal you are searching for is available, Google will show it up in a small box with some statistics. This is an animated thumbnail and an invitation to see a life-sized wolf up close. Here are several ways in which you can use Google augmented reality animals.

Take shareable screenshots 

The Google Augmented feature with Reality animals allows you to take a clean screenshot without capturing all the tabs and buttons. The feature is pretty cool because apart from seeing how large some of these animals are up close, you can share the screen with your loved ones for fun.

In 2016, Google launched a feature that allows people to listen to animal sounds in search results. A user will have to search for “Animal Sounds” to access the specific sound specifically. It is worth noting that searching for “Wolf Sounds” brings you to regular links such as clips from YouTube or other related pages.

For Fun

Google’s 3D Animals project is brilliant and creates a lot of fun for children and adults. If you have seen the 3D critters, there are perhaps more animals now. If you have never seen these animals, they are 3D near-photo-realistic animations, which with a couple of clicks, will magically appear where you are. You can even take photos of yourself near them and share the results with friends for fun.


Google Augmented Reality Animals could be useful for leaning at home or in a classroom or educational setting. A variety of animals are featured, and children can learn and Master how they look and their names. There are various animals, including a tiger, a lion, a giant panda, a Rottweiler, a wolf, cow, dog, an alligator, a hedgehog, and a duck and all the wild and domestic animals you can think of.

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