Best VR Apps for Smartphones

Best VR Apps for Smartphones

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The first rudimentary virtual reality headsets were developed back in the 1990s. However, they were extremely expensive, and they remained this way for decades until Google launched Google Cardboard in 2014. It started a new type of VR headset, commonly called smartphone VR headset. It allows you to experience VR by interesting your smartphone and using it as a display. In this article, we will recommend the 4 best VR apps for iOS and Android devices.

Google Earth VR

Google Earth

Many kids dream of being astronauts when they grow up. If you were one of such kids, now you can live your dream in VR thanks to the Google Earth VR app. It allows you to explore the surface of Earth and the Moon as if you were an astronaut flying through space in a rocket. In case you flew through every square meter of Earth and the Moon, you can simply stop and start gazing at the space itself. It’s full of sparkling stars that create an impression of the endless universe that we inhabit. We recommend this app to every VR beginner who has just purchased their smartphone VR headset and can’t wait to experience VR for the first time.

InCell VR

In case you’re looking for something more fast-paced, InCell VR is the app you should try. It’s an action/racing game that invites you on a journey around a human cell. That’s right, you will actually have to navigate through different parts of a human cell, and ultimately protect it from destruction. This game is not only fun but also helps you remember all the cool stuff that you’ve once learned in middle school biology class.

InCell VR

The Guardian VR

If you enjoy following the latest events around the world, The Guardian VR app is just for you. It was created by a newspaper of the same name and features some of the most intriguing and fascinating news stories from all around the world. For example, you can experience what it’s like to be locked in solitary confinement, or visit the Arctic and gaze at the breath-taking aurora borealis. The Guardian VR app is basically a virtual-reality newspaper. However, instead of reading articles and looking at low-quality pictures, you will get fully immersed in a VR world.

Guardian VR

Within VR

We saved the best for last. Imagine if Netflix started producing original VR content. That would be great, right? Now imagine if there’s a company that not only produces Netflix-level originals in VR but also distributes them for free! That’s Within VR app, which was rated as the best VR app for iOS by Apple Insider in 2015. Since then, it has raised millions of dollars and improved tremendously. Today, it features over 100 short VR films in various genres, ranging from documentary to horror. Some films on Within VR have even won international rewards at the most prestigious film festivals. If you want to experience what VR is capable of, you must definitely check out the Within VR app.

Whithin VR

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