Application of AR in Retail
AR Retail Applications

Application of AR in Retail

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Augmented reality in retail bridges the lacuna between consumers, products, and retailers. AR is increasingly gaining prominence in the post-pandemic world since direct interaction with goods has become difficult. Global quarantine caused by the pandemic has led to an increase in consumer’s expectations toward the retail segment. Here are some innovative ways AR is being used in the retail sector.

AR for Shoes and Clothes

Retailers who produce and sell clothes, shoes, home décor, and jewelry items can offer a ‘try before you buy’ option using augmented reality. AR apps can offer a complete catalog of all your goods stored anywhere in the world. AR can help your customer get rid of buyer’s remorse. Often, a product looks great on the website but doesn’t match up to the customers’ expectations. With AR, you get a chance to see, feel, and even try the product at times. With augmented reality, personalization becomes possible. It also enhances the consumer experience.

AR Navigation

With augmented reality apps, shopping malls and supermarkets can offer convenience to their consumers. Retailers using AR Indoor Navigation can achieve higher levels of engagement, which can be converted into sales. The need for this arose during the pandemic when people wanted to shop for desired items without interacting with anybody else. It was essential to ensure that customers did not lose out on the experience of visiting a shopping mall.

In-store navigation shows you the best route to reach your desired products. This also allows the business owners to bring their products and discounts to the consumers’ attention. AR provides endless possibilities to gamify the entire process, and if you have a kid with you, it helps you take home some great memories.

AR Beauty!

Beauty and makeup product companies can use Augmented Reality filter apps to showcase their products. It also gives them the flexibility to experiment with a combination of products. The chances are that if you let a customer try an eyeshadow or lipstick, the probability of them buying the product is higher.

The AR masks provide an increased possibility of engaging prospects and turning them into customers. Options like ‘Click to buy’ in such AR-enhanced products make it very compelling for the customers.

AR Labels

AR labels provide an innovative way for fast-moving consumer goods to tell the story of their labels. It enables them to give consumers additional information just by flashing their devices on the labels. Promoting the brand’s values and informing the customers about any discount programs also becomes easier.

Now that brick-and-mortar stores are closing, retailers are in a challenging position. Day by day, it’s getting difficult for them to catch the customer’s attention and showcase their products. So, how can new-age companies tackle this issue?

The answer lies in Augmented Reality – an immersive and engaging technology that helps to deliver the message.

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