Virtuos thinks the future of VR on Xbox is still thin

Virtuos thinks the future of VR on Xbox is still thin

Unlike Sony PlayStation, Microsoft does not have its virtual reality tech, and it does not look like the company would fill the gap anytime soon.

Phil Spencer, head of the division, stated that he does not think that Xbox would decide to enter this market in the near term. Virtuos, a studio specialized in remastering, has reflected on VR’s future on Xbox Series X and S.

“I believe that VR and AR technology has enormous potential outside of the video game industry, and that is what Microsoft seems to focus its efforts on with the Hololens. As technology evolves rapidly, it is not surprising to see different companies exploring the different applications for it. Although the VR game hasn’t found a home on Xbox yet, I wouldn’t rule it out in the future. As long as companies continue to develop technology and push the limits of what they can do, we will all benefit from it.” – Christophe Gandon, Virtuos.

There are various ways to enjoy VR on PC and mobile devices. In the meantime, PS4 has its own VR technology called PlayStation VR. Both Xbox Series X and S will be available from 10 November 2020.

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