Shanghai Debut of iQIYI’s VR Project Based on Original IP Garners Enthusiastic Consumer Reception

Shanghai Debut of iQIYI’s VR Project Based on Original IP Garners Enthusiastic Consumer Reception

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Next month, Beijing and Luoyang will join the Luoyang VR project.

China’s leading online entertainment service iQIYI launched the Luoyang Virtual Reality (VR) project in Shanghai in April, attracting more than 5,000 visitors. The project has received great attention and rave reviews in the short time since its publication.

Customers are amazed at how realistic the environment is, encouraging physical awareness such as storms, waterfalls, and explosions in a 300 square meter physical space. For the clients, the project opens a new horizon where imagination and reality meet.

User feedback proves the growth of iQiyi entertainment technology. This project is the first in the VR industry to integrate different concepts such as immersive cinema, VR, and original IP. Using industry-experienced assistive technologies such as “Inside Out Tracking” technology and “built-in” accessories such as cars, ships, and vehicles, simulating different experiences of the body creates a realistic environment that immerses the viewer in the story.

Created by iQIYI DREAMVERSE studio, the project is the latest member of iQIYI’s Ancient Chinese City Universe in Luoyang (iCHCU) and includes 12 different adventures, each inspired by the popular Luoyang IPs. iQIYI’s first IP VR project was unveiled in Shanghai with a strong customer response

ZHANG Hang, senior vice president of iQIYI said: “The Chinese content market provides a host of excellent IPs, but the industry is still at the beginning of harnessing the full potential of these IPs. The Luoyang VR Project shows how incorporating technological innovations and a localized approach to exploring VR commercialization, original IP-based projects boost both the content market and cultural consumption at large.”

iQIYI’s partner, offline operator, and Founder and CEO of Metaverse gaming platform X-META, Call Shihui, said that in addition to the “dramatic” experiment, the project also includes a dining room and a time to dress up and take pictures.

“Hu said: “As the Luoyang VR project meets a variety of consumer needs, it elevates the ‘cultural metaverse’ entertainment experience to a whole new level.” Hu also wants customers to be interested in the project in the coming months when the summer vacation starts.

iQIYI entered the offline VR entertainment space for the first time in 2018 and set up a studio to create DREAMVERSE in 2020 with a focus on planning VR projects and the entire experience. Since then, DREAMVERSE has launched popular offline VR projects, and the Luoyang VR project has been the latest hit.

According to PwC’s 2022 Global Consumer Insights Survey China report, Gen Z and younger millennials use VR, and 36% of Chinese consumers use VR headsets to play games or watch content. Based on the strength of the Luoyang VR project, iQIYI will release three short projects in June: Mars Rescue, Kunlun Maze, and Apocalyptic Adventure. These plans target a specific audience, such as couples, and promise to support consumers regarding entertainment.

Based on iQIYI’s popular original IP Luoyang, the “Luoyang VR” project will also be shown in Luoyang, Henan, and Beijing this summer and in the second half of the year.

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