Experience D-Day Simulation in VR in Days of Heroes
D-Day Game

Experience D-Day Simulation in VR in Days of Heroes

Set at the beginning of June 1944, five years after the start of World War II and the gameplay showcases the Third Reich’s domination in Europe. At the same time, the allies decide to open a ‘second front’ in Western Europe to overturn the war. It gave rise to the biggest landing operation in history, called Operation Overlord.

June 6th was set as the D-Day by General Eisenhower wherein the joint forces of American, British, and Canadian troops got ready to land on the Normandy coast. As a player, you are one amongst the several soldiers about to change the fate of the world.

Taking on the role of an airborne division jumper, you will descend into the enemy territory for a surprise attack on the enemy troops under cover of the night. Or, you could become a soldier marching on for the heavy crossing of Omaha beach on D-Day.

The VR title presents entire diversified military missions, from short and long-range battles with the Nazis. Experience thrills like employing anti-aircraft fire, destroying enemy tanks, breaking through the trenches, and escaping from a POW camp through the game. Get your hands on a dozen weapons typical to the World War II period that have been precisely recreated in terms of appearance and mechanics.

Including four different dynamic gameplay modes, you can also practice your skills on the shooting range. Take your cleverness, strategic thinking, and will to survive to the extreme by unlocking the Hardcore Mode.

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