Everslaught, the VR dungeon game to launch later this month

Everslaught, the VR dungeon game to launch later this month

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Players who enjoy a fast-paced dungeon game may be interested in a new VR game which will be released later this month named, Everslaught.

EVERSLAUGHT is an Action RPG created to leverage virtual reality motion-based gameplay, transporting players into a world full of danger and mystery. Traverse is an old city with randomly created dungeons; players can discover weapons with special properties, upgrade their gear, and engage in physical combat with completely unlimited virtual reality combat and movement.

  • Fast-paced gameplay: All gameplay is customized towards hardcore virtual reality players.
  • Innovative VR controls: Players can flip their arms to switch back and forth between weapons and their tools.
  • Slaughter hordes of enemies: Players can combine their tools, weapons, and other weapons to engage hundreds of monsters.
  • An RPG made for virtual reality: Players will have the opportunity to find rare loot, distribute skill points, level up their character, unlock nifty perks, etc., in virtual reality.

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