ROSE and Patron partners to launch WebAR holiday experience

ROSE and Patron partners to launch WebAR holiday experience

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ROSE and Patrón partners to launch a WebAR-enabled packaging solution for the spirits industry, a first-of-its-kind in this segment.

“This work represents a historic moment not only for PATRÓN but for WebAR as a whole. This experience is the first of its kind for the spirits industry, pairing user-generated content with Web-based AR renderings. The cherry on top is that the team brought this idea from concept to reality in such a short time.” – Evan Rose, founder and CEO of ROSE.

Through the WebAR solution, buyers use the WebGL engine, a user-friendly platform to create personalized digital wrapping. The receiver or the customer can then use the smartphone to view their gift.

While both augmented reality product packaging and user-generated augmented reality experiences were around, this uncommon solution allows both the provider and receiver to interact with a digital AR product.

Two Ways to Use the WebAR Experience
Purchasers have two basic ways of designing WebAR packaging by using the platform:
Use available templates and create an AR experience that is both simple and one-of-a-kind.

Upload own content, and design a personalized and thoughtful experience for the receiver.
“Creating these designs allows for the process to be instantaneous and affordable, rather than waiting for something to get engraved or physically customized without losing the ability to show that someone is thinking of you.” Nicole Riemer, Project’s Art Director.

The receiver can also share the personalized AR experience on various social media platforms. While designing, the user can toggle back and forth within a 2D and a 3D view so that they can know how the final package would look like. The WebAR interface makes it easier for the user to design the AR packages and send them as to the receive.

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