Harpak-ULMA to extend AR to its packaging platforms

Harpak-ULMA to extend AR to its packaging platforms

Harpak-ULMA has announced that it is introducing its platform to support AR on the Rockwell Automation approved packaging solutions. Harpak-ULMA has entered Beta-phase testing and is focusing on commercial availability for its AR capabilities in 2021.

Augmented reality represents a leap forward for employee knowledge transfer by using digital visual overlays via a blend of hands-free and handheld devices. It replaces traditional approaches to training operators and the maintenance of industrial products. Augmented reality presents an excellent solution for producers looking to improve their skills issues associated with high worker turnover, error proofing, and productivity.

Harpak-ULMA, in 2018, launched its strategy to develop smart, connected platforms to deliver packaging as a fundamental part of the manufacturing digital thread. The platforms allow new technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) software applications, e.g., augmented reality, which leverages production data to transform operational processes and plat asset maintenance digitally.

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