Vuzix and Topcon launches AR smart glasses for construction sites across Europe
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Vuzix and Topcon launches AR smart glasses for construction sites across Europe

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Vuzix, a smart glasses and AR supplier, has announced that they have developed construction processes for Europe compatible with the Magnet software suite of Topcon Positioning Group, which provides hands-free usage for onsite workers.

By using augmented reality smart glasses, contractors, and construction workers can easily access and identify positioning data with better accuracy without carrying around added materials.

Engineers and onsite surveyors can benefit from AR smart glasses by giving them a heads-up display rather than using the heads-down process like looking down at the pages of a manual or a tablet. The Vuzix AR smart glasses also help workers work safely.

“Vuzix smart glasses are being used worldwide in a variety of industries and use cases. Topcon’s recognition that our smart glasses can provide measurable benefits to the construction and surveying markets is great. Smart glasses combined with Topcon’s Magnet software are aiding onsite productivity and keeping projects on schedule and within budget.” – Paul Travers, CEO and President, Vuzix.

COVID-19 pandemic and its requirements have resulted in slowdowns in the construction industry, causing a requirement to change how engineer and surveyors contractors work. Because of these COVID restrictions, there has been an increased demand for hands-free work, and that is where augmented reality steps in.

Topcon’s software compatibility with Vuzix’s AR smart glasses offers surveyors, digital engineers, contractors, onsite building information modeling technicians, and layout personnel improved abilities that they didn’t have earlier and offers cost savings.  It provides visual aids via smart glass lenses, which enables control of devices through voice commands.

Combining technologies supports workers with a hands-free experience, which also permits accuracy of layout and measurement on a job site.

“This new compatibility with Vuzix smart glasses represents the next generation of surveying equipment in the European market. Coupling this advanced technology with our already popular Magnet software suite means that enhanced productivity, efficiency, and reduced costs can become a reality on many projects across the region. This is key at this point in time when much of the industry is looking to accelerate economic recovery following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.” – Adam Box, BD Manager of Vertical Construction, Topcon Positioning Group.

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