Turkish AR Solutions Developer Augmency Receives Fresh Funding From Inventram
Inventram has invested in Augmency

Turkish AR Solutions Developer Augmency Receives Fresh Funding From Inventram

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The high-tech investment arm of Turkey’s largest conglomerate Koç Holding, Inventram has invested in Augmency, the only Turkish company that caters to the domestic hardware and software products for the wearable augmented reality space.

Augmency plans to climb up the ladder and take up a significant share in Turkey’s high-tech exports in the near future. The company provides next-generation augmented reality solutions for other companies from different vertical market segments and is gearing up to set shop for the global markets with its Cyclops HMD product.

Through its industry-leading expertise in the augmented reality domain, Augmency provides numerous solutions for the wearable AR devices industry.

The press conference, wherein the announcement was made, saw the participation of Koç Holding Tourism, Food and Retail Group President Tamer Haşimoğlu, Inventram General Manager Cem Soysal, and Augmency Founding Partner and Chair of the Board Hakan Ürey.

Haşimoğlu stated that Inventram had made remarkable contributions to the transformation of long-term, risky, but of course, high-yielding technologies that make a difference worldwide and into the companies that provide those technologies.

“By establishing some of these companies abroad, they supported ambitious projects on a global scale,” he said.

“From this perspective, we believe that Inventram will play an important role in our country’s goal of becoming a technology exporter. We decided to increase the volume of Inventram in order to take firm steps towards this goal and have a greater say in high technology investments globally. Inventram will continue to manage Koç Holding’s venture capital investments more strongly.”

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