Apple Awards $45 Million to Corning to Invest Towards AR Innovation
Apple AR Innovation

Apple Awards $45 Million to Corning to Invest Towards AR Innovation

Apple recently announced a $45 million award from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund to Corning, which may contribute to future augmented reality hardware innovations. It currently supplies glass for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch products and has previously received a total of $450 million from the fund over two previous awards.

“Apple and Corning have a long history of working together to accomplish the impossible,” stated Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer at Apple. “From the very first iPhone glass to the revolutionary Ceramic Shield on the iPhone 12 lineup, our collaboration has changed the landscape of smartphone cover design and durability. Ceramic Shield is a prime example of the technologies that are possible when deep innovation meets the power of American manufacturing. We’re so proud to work alongside Corning, whose 170-year-old legacy is a testament to the ingenuity of the US workforce.”

Corning will direct the funds towards scaling up its manufacturing capacity along with investments into research and development for new technology innovations, particularly with regards to product durability.

In addition to supplying precision glass for Apple’s existing products, Corning also has a line of glass wafers designed for augmented reality wearables. The company had also unveiled a 300-millimeter diameter glass wafer for AR headsets and smart glasses recently.

“Corning has traditionally supplied 300-millimeter glass wafers optimized for the semiconductor industry. We are proud to bring the same capabilities to AR customers by offering the largest form factors of high refractive index glasses on the market,” said David Velasquez, General Manager of Corning Precision Glass Solutions.

“These advancements in our glass-making capabilities enable customers to create immersive, high-quality AR experiences at price points that will facilitate wider adoption of AR technology.”

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