The World’s Largest Augmented Reality Mural Unveiled in the City of Tulsa
Augmented Reality Mural

The World’s Largest Augmented Reality Mural Unveiled in the City of Tulsa

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The world’s largest augmented reality mural, created by Eric Skotnes and Ryan Sarfati, or Zoueh and Yanoe, was unveiled in downtown Tulsa. Situated at the Main Park Plaza parking garage at 4th and Main Street, the 15,000 square foot mural comes to life by scanning a QR code on your smartphone. It features images in 3D along with some exciting music.

The mural has been named after an old theater that used to be present at the site. It is called “The Majestic.”

“You can look up, down, everywhere. And there’s things going on, you can follow the birds and the fish flying around,” said Skotnes. “It being in the art deco district, it just felt like it was the right style for this area,” added Sarfati.

The mural draws inspiration from the city’s history of art deco. It reflects the different aspects of Tulsa, such as the flathead catfish, the native birds like the downy woodpecker, redbud tree flowers, and the Oklahoma state butterfly.

“An ethereal world basically comes to life with all these elements that still represent Tulsa but is all in a new version of this world,” said Sarfati.

The artists spent three to four weeks working on the design and began painting in June, which turned out to be a 6-week long process. They used 800 spray cans and 150 gallons of Latex paint and were assisted by two assistants to create the masterpiece. They collaborated with 3D motion artist Ben Fernley and a tech team to bring the 3D digital animation to life.

“It’s a sense of pride and happiness to be able to give Tulsans something very unique and special that they can call their own,” said Sarfati. “And it does feel like home. So, it’s so nice to come back to a setting that you’re familiar with, and you know, we leave a piece of ourselves here,” added Skotnes.

The artists will also release fully augmented prints to enable people to take the experience into their homes within the next couple of weeks.

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