Telstra Joins Forces with tagSpace to Develop Next Gen 5G-powered AR Service
Next Gen 5G-powered AR Service

Telstra Joins Forces with tagSpace to Develop Next Gen 5G-powered AR Service

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The Australian telecommunications company, Telstra, is partnering with the startup tagSpace to facilitate the creation of next-generation augmented reality experiences.

The initiative will benefit from Telstra’s 5G connectivity that enables users to access relevant information, follow directions, and check updates using their smartphones and several augmented reality features at much faster speeds. On the other hand, tagSpace can transform our smartphones into remarkable devices that showcase near real-time information transposed over the actual surroundings using augmented reality.

Telstra has already started beta testing its offering at the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne and The Sydney Opera House. Ben Cunningham, a Product Specialist at Telstra, believes that AR could significantly grow in popularity as people start getting back to life as usual post the pandemic.

“Telstra 5G allows us to add additional layers of live data so, if you are a sports fan in a stadium, we can guide you to your seat, give you live team news updates and even tell you where the shortest line is to get your pie, right on your Telstra 5G-enabled smartphone,” he said.

“Together with tagSpace, we are leveraging the low latency, high-capacity connection that 5G can offer and creating a whole new visual experience for our customers,” he added.

tagSpace Founder Paul Martin said, “tagSpace’s vision is to enable information, navigation, and entertainment at every location in the world, using AR. Our patented technology makes it incredibly easy for businesses to make their own AR content. Consumers can then enjoy it as continuous AR experiences throughout city-scale environments.”

“Our ability to display dozens of simultaneous, live-streaming videos and near real-time information, whilst blending the real world with the virtual, legitimately exploits the power that 5G can offer. tagSpace’s partnership with Telstra is helping us leverage that technology to provide new, helpful and exciting services and experiences for Australians,” he added.

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