TeamViewer expands its integration with ServiceNow with AR support sessions
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TeamViewer expands its integration with ServiceNow with AR support sessions

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TeamViewer, a provider of remote connectivity solutions, has stated that it has extended integration with ServiceNow providing AR assistance within support sessions. TeamViewer’s Enterprise Integration is currently available in the ServiceNow Store. The integration was first launched in 2016 and later expanded to enable IT departments and other support agents to optimize information with external and internal users to enhance efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Along with previous features, allowing clients of ServiceNow to initiate remote access and service support within ServiceNow Incident, Change Request, ServiceRequest, Problem, or any other derived task, now clients can start TeamViewer Pilot sessions in the same way. TeamViewer Pilot uses augmented reality to enable technicians and frontline employees to help anyone globally. Also, with the help of 3D object tracking, they can place spatial labels that stick to real-life objects, highlight things and add text in live video streams that employees or customers can view using their phone camera.

Important technology improvements include:

  • Experts, frontline workers, and support agents can start augmented reality connections to internal or external users from ServiceNow Incidents
  • develop and share Pilot session invites through SMS, the application will recover the phone number and other details of the individual from the ServiceNow platform by one click
  • Increased administration abilities with the addition of new permissions to control who has access to the integration and simpler setup for neglected device access and customizable widget

“With our newly updated TeamViewer Enterprise Integration app for ServiceNow, experts can create Pilot support session invites with one-click and connect to on-site technicians to support any type of hardware configuration issue or better walk users through physical tasks. Many real-world problems can’t be solved with traditional remote access and control. That’s where TeamViewer Pilot excels – letting remote experts see exactly what the frontline worker sees and giving them real-time AR guidance.” – Alfredo Patron, EVP – Business Development, TeamViewer.

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