StradVision to Supply Its AR Tech to a Leading German OEM and Tier-1 Supplier
StradVision AR Tech

StradVision to Supply Its AR Tech to a Leading German OEM and Tier-1 Supplier

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The South Korean company, StradVision, announced two significant partnerships with a leading German automotive OEM and Tier-1 supplier for its AI-based vision processing technology for vehicle ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and autonomous driving.

The former partnership has been done in regards to StradVision’s augmented reality technology for Navigation and Lane Keeping Assistance Systems (LKAS). The collaboration with the leading global Tier-1 supplier has been done for a Surround View Monitoring (SVM) algorithm that supports Park-Assist functions such as Automatic Parking Assistance (APA).

The companies’ names haven’t been disclosed, but StradVision stated that its augmented reality technology would be incorporated in more than 40 vehicles from the OEM scheduled to go into production in 2022.

The company’s computer vision and AR technology are built on top of its SVNet deep-learning-based perception software that enhances lane detection for lane-keep assist and other ADAS safety features through depth-mapping solutions, semantic segmentation, and lane detection. Self-driving functions such as automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control can be executed by the vehicle itself through SVNet by improving perception.

“Drivers of high-end vehicles have grown to expect the best accuracy, performance, and visual quality from their in-vehicle experiences, and StradVision’s technology can take their expectations to the next level,” stated StradVision CEO Junhwan Kim. “Our advanced approach to providing augmented reality for these vehicles will be rightfully recognized as a major leap forward.” 

The company’s Surround View Monitoring solution is expected to stay in demand for a longer duration. The technology mimics how a vehicle looks from above using images put together from a vehicle’s several cameras. The purpose of the technology is to be used as a parking aid.

“Imagine the peace of mind that will come with knowing you don’t have to park in a difficult spot for yourself and can let the vehicle do the work for you,” Kim said. “As the industry continues to trend toward self-parking vehicles and Auto-Valet features, StradVision’s vision processing expertise will be extremely helpful to Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs making this transition. We intend to be a leader in this field and are excited to be ahead of the curve in making people’s lives easier with this technology.”

StradVision’s SVNet has already featured in 50+ vehicle models in partnership with 9 OEMs. As per the company, the technology currently powers 13 million ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles worldwide.

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