SneakerKit Will Make AR Try-On Technology More Accessible for Retailers and Consumers

SneakerKit Will Make AR Try-On Technology More Accessible for Retailers and Consumers

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The launch of Vyking’s SneakerKit for Web will result in better accessibility of augmented reality tools for e-commerce for both retailers and consumers. The platform eliminates the need of downloading an app for this purpose by hosting the entire experience for virtually trying on shoes within a website.

Vyking’s SneakerKit technology has been specifically created for footwear and can superimpose a pair of shoes directly onto the customer’s feet. The platform will enable the users to evaluate how a style might look when worn and even check its suitability with several outfits. With the pandemic still forcing the stores to stay shut, such a technology is crucial to enhance the shopping experience for the consumers.

“With the coronavirus pandemic being a catalyst for the adoption of augmented reality in the online shopping experience, virtual try-on is completely reimagining the way consumers shop for shoes online – we are so excited to open up our core technology to brands of any size with SneakerKit for Web,” said Vyking CEO and Co-founder, Matthew Klimpke.

The majority of the AR experiences require the consumer to download a smartphone app which leads to a wastage of the phone memory after the one-off use. This also creates an additional burden for the retailer who must manage the app in addition to any existing e-commerce channels. This creates a prominent barrier for the smaller companies who want to explore new avenues for digital selling.

However, SneakerKit provides the experience through a website that will allow a standalone e-commerce shop to adopt the solution. On the consumer’s end, they do not need to download an app that unnecessarily takes up space on their phone. This will essentially bring in more users from both ends of the platform.

It has also been observed that the adoption of AR technology has significantly reduced the number of returns while increasing original sales for the retailers. AR experiences help the consumers to better evaluate their liking for a product which reduces the chances that a consumer will be unpleasantly surprised upon the delivery of the order.

Therefore, such an investment can both save and earn money for a retailer because reverse logistics are an expensive aspect of the transaction.

Brands such as Adidas, Poizon, and Under Armour have already adopted the AR try-on technology and with the new launch, Vyking aims to get small and medium-sized businesses under its umbrella.

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