Snapchat create the world’s first ‘computer generated’ footwear

Snapchat create the world’s first ‘computer generated’ footwear

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Snapchat has created the world’s first sneaker designed by computers.

The virtual sneaker can only be seen through the app and are part of the Sneakers Unboxed: From Studio to Street show which will be opening at London’s design museum.

Called “Sneaker Zero,” the sneakers come in four different colors for users to “try on” by scanning a Snapcode through Snapchat.

Once the AR Lens is unlocked, sneakerheads can touch the screen to point their phone’s camera at their feet. Sneaker Zero appears over their feet. Users can cycle through different color options to try them all on.

As well as existing in AR, it is the world’s first footwear to be designed solely by a computer. The computer was trained in footwear design by scanning images of more than 7,000 sneakers worldwide to create the shoe.

It was then given the visual information of more than 200 iconic sneakers selected to be displayed at the exhibition.

This data was fed into a machine learning program, which helped the computer to create its version of the sneaker.

The sneaker was named ‘Sneaker Zero’ as it is the first sneaker to be designed with the involvement of humans.

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