SightCall Joins Forces with Legrand Group to Provide AR-Guided Remote Customer Support
AR remote customer support

SightCall Joins Forces with Legrand Group to Provide AR-Guided Remote Customer Support

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SightCall, an augmented reality (AR) visual assistance platform, has partnered with Legrand Group, a leading global electrical and digital building infrastructure solutions provider based in Limoges, France, with operations in more than 90 countries.

Using the Salesforce Service Cloud, the company will provide AR-powered remote support for resolving issues on job sites and enhancing rapid service solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial properties.

“As an industry leader in electrical infrastructure looks to the future of customer service, we are honored to be a part of its continued effort to improve client satisfaction through digital assistance tools,” said Thomas Cottereau, Founder and CEO of SightCall.

“SightCall will enable all of Legrand France call center specialists to serve clients with dynamic remote call quality and the added benefit of full and close integration with their existing Salesforce CRM,” he added.

Through SightCall’s assistance, Legrand will be able to deliver expert advice and video support to its clients while on-site at construction locations. This will allow for seamless communication between the customers and the agents and lead to a faster and more precise resolution to their issues.

The platform will be released to all client call center teams of Legrand France later this month. Legrand aims to augment net promoter scores, client satisfaction, and decision-making through this collaboration. 

“By integrating SightCall, we are demonstrating a core mission of Legrand to create simplicity across business areas and processes,” said David Gonzalez, Head of Customer Relationship Center, Legrand France.

“Everywhere it is used, SightCall will provide an enhanced service experience with quicker turnaround that can shorten project lengths, improves the lives of residential and corporate customers, and more quickly connects them to innovative and sustainable solutions in electrical and digital infrastructure,” he added.

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