Kinder Launches a New App That Brings Toys to Life Using AR
Kinder AR App

Kinder Launches a New App That Brings Toys to Life Using AR

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Kinder launched a new mobile app that brings Kinder toys to life using augmented reality and creates a novel world of discovering and imagination for kids.

Called Applaydu, the app provides a free edutainment playing experience. It has been developed in partnership with Gameloft for brands and aims to prompt parents and children to play and discover together. The University of Oxford’s Department of Education has reviewed the academic aspect of the app’s content.

The platform offers an immersive new experience for children in the age group of four to nine. It stimulates their ability to learn new things through exciting environments, characters, and stories that spark their imagination.

Additionally, the app fosters a family-friendly, safe, and controlled environment free of ads or in-app purchases. It also enables the requisite Parental Control features such as activities report and adaptive difficulty to let the parents manage the experience as they deem accurate. The developers have ensured that appropriate safeguards are in place for the children to enjoy themselves securely and prevent any stress for the parents.

Gameloft for brands, the leading creator of gaming experiences for brands, provided its expertise in gameplay, technology, art direction, and 3D animation to enable Kinder to create this platform.

Applaydu is free to download on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

“By sparking the imagination of children, and uniting adults and children in play and enjoyment, we believe that Applaydu can play an important role in helping ensure that a happy child today will be a better adult tomorrow,” said Emiliano Laricchiuta, Global Head of Kinder Products with Surprise.

“We are really proud to partner with Kinder to make this project a reality,” stated Alexandre Tan, VP of Brand Partnerships & Advertising at Gameloft. “It is incredible to bring our 20 years of gaming expertise to the Kinder brand and their beloved toys in order to craft an app that brings a whole new layer of fun to families, by merging physical and digital worlds in order to expand the traditional play experience.”

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