Scope AR launches WorkLink Create an AR authoring platform
WorkLink Create

Scope AR launches WorkLink Create an AR authoring platform

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Scope AR, an enterprise-class AR solution provider, announced the launch of WorkLink Create. It is a web-based application for creating and sharing augmented reality content.

WorkLink Create will allow the medical device, industrial, and aerospace professionals to prototype their AR content without coding or 3D modeling knowledge. That is intended to reduce barriers and increase the audience for creators and open up new horizons and opportunities for augmented reality across these industries.

“We set out to make the creation of 3D AR content as fast and easy as recording iMovie or creating a PowerPoint. Using our technology platform, any user can easily author their specific knowledge into WorkLink to be widely consumed for training, complex assembly, and field service troubleshooting.” – Scott Montgomerie, Chief Executive, Scope AR. 

WorkLink Create transforms augmented reality authorship by utilizing browsers natively to make it accessible across devices and also accepts a wide range of CAD file formats.

Users can open WorkLink Create in their browser to upload engineering model documents and input them into mixed-reality scenes. Everything is based on AR and an authoring platform utilizing engineering models imported into a platform like WorkLink Create.

WorkLink takes its ideas from an industry that extends from an audience of both artists and engineers who are used to using their eyes, hands, and minds to get the work done.

“In the past, we would have developers spend months developing these types of applications. With Scope AR’s WorkLink platform, we’re bringing this down to 28 minutes, and 4 minutes for an additional panel. The ramp-up time on the platform has also been reduced significantly. We can bring in a new developer, have them go through a half-day training online and they can start creating work instructions.” – Shelley Peterson, an associate fellow at Lockheed Martin.

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