Scandit’s Clinical Quality Computer Vision Tech to Digitise the Covid-testing Process in the UK
Scandit to combat the Covid-19 crisis

Scandit’s Clinical Quality Computer Vision Tech to Digitise the Covid-testing Process in the UK

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Scandit has signed a national contract with NHS Digital to provide them access to its data capture tech to combat the Covid-19 crisis in the UK. The leading technology platform for mobile computer vision and augmented reality (AR) solutions for enterprises will provide free access to its resources for NHS organisations to support Covid-related services such as test-tracking, PPE tracking, and patient care until 30th November 2021.

Scandit’s technology will help NHS to upscale testing from its current rate of over 1.2m per day. It is being deployed at all fixed and mobile test sites, in home-testing kits, and at schools to provide services for coping with the increased demand for testing.

Scandit’s technology is now the most recent addition to the digital backbone of the UK’s response to Covid-19 and will help the national healthcare service to digitise the management of the testing process. The company’s solutions will provide a safe and contactless way for healthcare professionals, the military or agency staff, and trained volunteers to efficiently identify individuals on arrival and track their samples as they move through the process.

Making the testing process quick, seamless, and safe is a key priority in the months ahead across the 1400 UK sites. The technology will enormously assist with the national operation by providing an easy method for linking test vials to individuals.

Scandit’s integrated barcode scanning and computer vision technology will enable a staff member at a test site to quickly scan a barcode on a booking form using a smartphone to identify the patient. Similarly, each sample vial will carry the barcode to ensure accurate testing and linking of the results to the tested individuals.

Samuel Mueller, CEO at Scandit, said, “We have been helping NHS Digital digitise their nationwide testing process since the start of the pandemic. We’re delighted our technology will continue to support the healthcare service as demand for testing services continues to increase.”

“Our technology ensures that tests can be tracked quickly and easily. It also integrates easily with smartphones, meaning that the NHS has been able to scale the number of testing sites and make it easy to deploy home-testing effectively. There is no acceptable margin of error. Our clinical-quality barcode scanning technology delivers a highly accurate read rate whether the scan is happening through a car window at a drive-in mobile test site or by someone who is self-testing at home.” 

“We have taken steps to support the NHS at every step of the way to integrate our technology into the complex NHS IT infrastructure seamlessly. We look forward to continuing this partnership and helping the NHS make it possible to deliver quick Covid-19 tests for every UK resident that needs it.”

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