Rajant and Kiber Partner to Offer AR-powered Solution for the Energy Market
AR-powered Solution for the Energy Market

Rajant and Kiber Partner to Offer AR-powered Solution for the Energy Market

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The sole provider of Kinetic Mesh® wireless networks, Rajant Corporation, is partnering with Kiber to offer the Kiber3 fully integrated augmented reality solution for remote assistance. The third-gen AR multi-feature wearable device provides the workforce in the energy market, and warehouses and factories access instant expertise and remote collaboration assistance.

Federico Gulletta, Chief Executive Officer of Kiber, said, “We are delighted about participating as Rajant’s partner in ADIPEC 2021. Attending this premium event for the oil & gas industry allows us to present Kiber to professional visitors in Abu Dhabi.”

“Kiber3 is the latest third-generation of our all-in-one AR solution for remote collaboration. It is designed to be compliant with ATEX Zone 1 Certification requirements providing real quality and efficiency benefits to O&G companies and supporting them in operations in potentially explosive atmospheres,” he added.

The companies will showcase the output of their partnership at the ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from November 15th to 18th.

“We’ve been impressed with what this web-based platform has to offer, especially when it comes to the energy industry,” said Al Rivero, Rajant VP of Sales, Global Energy.

“The Kiber3 is an all-in-one hands-free solution that is cyber-safe. Features of the wearable headset include a vision wide-angle camera, long-life battery, and hand cam with thermal imaging. Kiber brings expertise into field operations to speed up diagnostics, increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve safety. Given it is certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, teams can safely collaborate remotely and in real-time.”

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