Pentagon’s pushes USD 38 Million into VR Training Center
VR Training Center

Pentagon’s pushes USD 38 Million into VR Training Center

The Pentagon has recently announced USD 600 million in contracts for testing of different 5G-enabled dual-use apps, including AR and VR for 5G’ smart warehouses’, mission planning and training, and evaluation of tech to enhance command and control.

The US Air Force recently released USD 38 million into a new Virtual Test and Training Center to enable pilots operating warplanes to practice advanced combat tactics in a VR and AR set.

“Despite some previous investment by the USAF and other federal agencies into virtual reality and augmented reality, there has been limited practical uptake of these technologies. However, the pandemic has accelerated spending on technology, as well as the amount of training that takes place using it. An increase in US defense spending on VR and AR and contracts will help to maintain training schedules and push pilot training.” William Davies, a defense analyst at London-based analytics firm GlobalData.

In July, the US Air Force launched a new VR Procedures Trainer for B-52 Stratofortress pilots’ training. While this week, the Pentagon declared USD 600 million to create 5G-enabled tech, including augmented and virtual reality training, with both US and global companies like Ericsson, Nokia, AT&T, General Dynamics, and General Electric.

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