Painting on an iPad to Be Upgraded with The New Version of Procreate
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Painting on an iPad to Be Upgraded with The New Version of Procreate

iPad users will be able to paint in 3D and then view their creations with augmented reality using the Procreate 5.2 by Savage Interactive, taking a significant stride forward from traditional 2D creation.

The 2021 iPad Pro will run the platform up to four times faster, all thanks to the revolutionary M1 processor.

Competing against the likes of Adobe Fresco and Illustrator, Procreate has emerged as one of the most popular painting tools for tablets. The newest version 5.2 will enable artists to import three-dimensional objects, then paint them, and view their painting virtually projected in the real world with AR.

“3D Paint lets artists paint on any surface, at any angle with the power and beauty of Procreate’s brush engine and the full range of Procreate’s industry-leading image effects,” said Savage.

The company has also added new accessibility features, including simplified touch controls, Audio Feedback, and adjustable font sizes, to the updated version. It also packs tools that are easier to find, read, and adjust. The objective behind this upgrade is “to make art easier and better for artists of all abilities.”

The release timeline for Procreate 5.2 hasn’t been disclosed yet. The ones who already own the current version will get a free upgrade, and for those who do not, it can be bought on the Apple App Store for $9.99.

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