NexTech AR Plans to Upscale its Offering through Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Services
NexTech AR and Microsoft Azure

NexTech AR Plans to Upscale its Offering through Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Services

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The augmented reality (AR) technology, 3D advertisement, and e-commerce provider, NexTech AR Solutions Inc., announced that all its existing users will get the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services platform bundled along with their current offering.

AR has been making strides in the retail industry by helping retailers add an extra layer of visual information on products that they display which plays a huge role in attracting customers to their stores. The technology has applications like showcasing the nutritional information through a 3D hologram on a cereal box or building guide paths within stores to help the shoppers navigate easily.

Azure Cloud will enable NexTech to allow for additional cloud-based scalability for hosting AR experiences to enhance the experience their clients and customers get through their virtual and hybrid event offerings.

Scalability through Azure will help the company’s clients to accommodate 20 times the size of audiences than what they can right now. Subsequently, events hosted by NexTech in the sectors of education, hospitality, health, and professional services will become more accessible.

Mark Pace, Chief Technology Officer of Virtual Experience Platforms at NexTech, said, “With our existing data center, making quick changes to event size and scale was an involved process that required hardware changes and sometimes took weeks.”

“By migrating our platforms onto Microsoft Azure, we can scale events at the cloud level, with the push of a button, enabling us to elevate our event and customer experiences simultaneously,” he added.

NexTech’s ARroom video streaming solution will already come bundled with Azure’s cloud computing services and they will soon be integrated into the Virtual Experience Platform software-as-a-service for events and educational experiences soon.

To increase scalability for all NexTech customers across e-commerce, entertainment, education, and enterprise services, the company will soon migrate all its data and projects from its AiRShow and ARitize apps to Azure too.

Evan Gappelberg, Chief Executive of NexTech, said, “Azure, Microsoft’s cloud and edge computing platform is the gold standard and positions us perfectly for large enterprise customers who are looking for a convenient and reliable cloud-based computing platform.”

“We see this as a major building block which is crucial to our business model as we look to expand the footprint of our virtual events and experiences,” he added.

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